Donald Trump also got caught in the 'Tosha Khana case'

Washington: US lawmakers have alleged that Donald Trump has failed to disclose records of gifts received from other countries during his tenure.

According to international media, a golf club made of gold from Japan and the swords of the royal family of Saudi Arabia are among the gifts that former President Donald Trump did not disclose during his presidency.

In a statement, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee released a list of more than 100 items Trump and his family failed to report during their four-year tenure in the White House. The value of the items is over $250,000.

The list includes 16 gifts from Saudi Arabia valued at more than $45,000, including a dagger worth $24,000. 17 gifts from India include expensive cuff links, a vase and a model of the Taj Mahal worth $4,600.

The above list also includes a giant painting of him given to Trump by the president of El Salvador, which committee investigators believe may have been moved to Florida, where Trump has a beachfront mansion and three Owners of golf clubs.

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