Donald Trump sues CNN for $475 million in damages

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has filed a defamation suit against CNN, demanding $475 million in damages from the broadcaster.

According to the world news agency, the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has claimed damages of 475 million dollars in the District Court of the State of Florida in Fort Lauderdale, accusing CNN of damaging his political reputation through unwarranted criticism.

The lawsuit alleges that CNN used its influence as a leading media house to conduct a systematic campaign of fraud and defamation to defeat former President Donald Trump politically.
In his lawsuit, the former president alleged that CNN also called him vile, false and defamatory names such as racist, pro-Russian, Hitler and seditionist.

Donald Turma also listed incidents in the lawsuit in which CNN compared him to Hitler and included footage of the German dictator in a January 2022 special report by host Farid Zakaria.

The 29-page lawsuit by Donald Trump claims that CNN has a long history of criticizing him, but that it has escalated in recent months as CNN fears the former president will run in 2024. Will contest presidential elections again.

It should be noted that Donald Trump was defeated in the last presidential election, but he refused to accept his defeat and made a provocative speech in response to which his supporters attacked the Congress building.

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