Dubai: 500 Illuminated Drones Amaze 3D Sky Demonstrators 

Dubai City: The rulers of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are keen on setting world records and are now holding two daily shows of more than 500 light-up drones that dazzle visitors.

Before the public had forgotten the spectacular fireworks display around the Burj Khalifa on New Year’s Eve, the world’s most famous drone company, SkyMagic, had over 500 laser-carrying drones take to the skies. Two shows are being held daily in which the public can view aerial images made by drones. However, the highlight of the show is that the drones come in such a sequence that they are supposed to be a 3D image.

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SkyMagic is a UK-Singapore joint venture that has gained worldwide recognition for its drone demonstrations. Now in Dubai, this company has shown its art on a wider canvas. The ticket costs as little as $36 and the check-in is twice as bright drone demonstrations are held near the Dubai Marina, and the show lasts only five minutes.

In this show, drones create a 3D representation of Dubai’s flag, major buildings, and other important landmarks. Each of these drones weighs 200 to 500 grams. All the drones are waterproof and can withstand strong gusts of wind. According to SkyMechak, drones do not produce noise and environment-friendly chemicals like fireworks, which is why they provide environmentally friendly and quiet entertainment.

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