Dubai next year: The world's first 'Supermodel Robot Cafe' will open

Dubai City: The world’s first Supermodel Robot Cafe will open in Dubai next year, where a robot of a supermodel is made to greet customers.

It should be noted that this female robot Hobho looks like Diana Gabdevolina, a famous model from Eastern Europe. Diana’s robot twin, however, will be stationed as a cashier. In addition, the female robot will greet customers and talk to them and remember their names and faces once introduced.

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According to initial reports, the restaurant is named Donna Cyber Cafe, which will have a human-sized female robot and is designed as a replica of a supermodel. The eyes of the robot developed by the company called RDI are made close to reality and the face is covered with silicon skin.

The robot’s algorithm will also be able to read human emotions and feelings, but so far it is not known what food items will be served in this restaurant. However, the robot has been made so close to reality that it communicates with others just like humans.

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