Elon Musk and Ex-Twitter Employee War of Words

Elon Musk and Ex-Twitter Employee War of Words

Washington: The verbal fight between Twitter CEO Elon Musk and a former employee of the company is not stopping and it has gone viral on the internet.

According to foreign media, the war of words between Elon Musk and former employee Harald Thorlefsen started after he was fired.

According to reports, the spat between Elon Musk and Harald Thorlefsson began after the former employee took to Twitter to allege that he was kept in the dark and not told that he was fired.

Haraldor Thorlefsson said he learned of his termination when he failed to log into his workplace.

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According to reports, Elon Musk ignored a former employee’s physical disability and mocked her work, saying, “Is she of any use to the company?”

After Elon Musk’s tweet, Harald Thorlefsson replied that he could not do anything due to his physical disability and also mocked the Twitter CEO.

“I forgot to mention that I read that you can’t even go to the toilet by yourself and I’m sorry to hear that,” the former employee wrote on Twitter.

He wrote that the only difference is that I cannot do so due to physical disability while you are afraid that the person you have hurt will attack you.

Haraldór Thorlefsson also wrote about his physical illness and disability on Twitter and said that the illness had many effects on my body parts, first my legs stopped working.

The former employee wrote in his tweet that I started using a wheelchair at the age of 25, I need help from others to get out of bed and other tasks.

This conversation between the CEO of Twitter and a former employee is becoming very viral on the Internet and hundreds of people are calling Elon Musk a jerk.

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