Europe: Unexpectedly record temperature rise across

New York: Continental Europe usually has very cold winters, but January 2023 is setting new records for the highest temperature.

At least 8 European countries, including Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and others, had their hottest January on record, according to meteorologists.

In Korbielów, Poland, temperatures reached 19C, which is usually the case in May.

The average temperature in January in this region is usually 1 degree Celsius.

Similarly, Javorník, a region in the Czech Republic, recorded a temperature of 19.6 degrees Celsius, although January averages 3 degrees Celsius.

In Vysokaje region of Belarus, temperatures are close to zero at these times of the year, but on January 1st, 16.4 degrees Celsius was recorded there.

According to experts, many parts of the continent have broken records for high temperature in January.

The coastal areas of northern Spain and southern France are regularly hot, and Bilbao, Spain, recorded the highest January temperature ever recorded at 24.9 degrees Celsius.

Experts said that this is the most extraordinary event in European history, we can say that it is the first unexpected weather event in Europe.

He said that most parts of the continent are recording high temperatures and such has never been seen before.

He said that the hot air pressure formed in the west coast of Africa and traveled from there to the north-eastern Europe.

He said that temperatures across Europe are very high and many countries are breaking high temperature records.

Worryingly, according to experts, the pace of global temperature increase is no longer surprising, the current situation gives a glimpse of a future in which winters will be limited to a few months.

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