European Commission's intention to develop 9th sanctions package against Russia

Brussels: European Union Commission chief Ursula van der Leyen has said that we are preparing the 9th sanctions package against Russia.

During his visit to Finland, Van der Leyen said in a joint press conference with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kalas and Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Eba Bush in the capital city of Helsinki that the Ukrainian people are against the Russian attacks. Due to this, forced to spend the winter without electricity, their children, parents and elders of these children shivering in cold and dark environment, strongly condemn these cruel attacks. All these are war crimes are.

The head of the European Union Commission has said that we are working fast on the 9th sanctions package against Russia, I believe that very soon we, together with the G7 and other major allies, will have the highest global prices for Russian petrol. will approve.

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