Even after taxiing on the runway for 6 hours, the plane could not take off

A plane in America could not take off due to bad weather and ran out of fuel after taxiing for 6 hours continuously on the runway of the airport.

According to a foreign media report, this strange incident happened at the New York Airport, where the flight from Newark to Denver stopped at the New York Airport, but later could not fly to its destination due to bad weather, and the runway.

But continued to taxi for 6 hours, which ran out of fuel and eventually forced the flight to be canceled several hours later, leaving passengers stranded. However, when passengers disembarked, they received an alert on the United app. that the flight had been cancelled, but then the crew asked them to board the plane again, however the plane could not take off and after further delays the flight was eventually cancelled.

According to the report, during this long eight-and-a-half-hour delay, the passengers were reportedly given only one cup of water and a small packet of cookies by the management.

The position of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also come out on this whole situation, in which it has been said that there was an average delay of 37 minutes in the national air system yesterday, of which 92% was due to weather, 5% to volume and only 3% to staff.

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