Exercise can reduce cancer risks by up to 70 percent, New study

Tel Aviv, Israel: The countless benefits of exercise continue to emerge, and now Israeli experts insist that regular exercise can reduce the risk of various cancers by up to 70 percent.

Experts from Tel Aviv University have published a report in the form of a thesis in the Academic Journal of Cancer Research. Accordingly, aerobic exercise, i.e. brisk walking, running, jogging, cycling and other exercises, reduces glucose consumption in internal organs and if there is a tumor, it does not get energy and starts shrinking.

The first experiment looked at exercise and the spread of cancer to the internal organs of the body, sometimes to the liver, lungs, or lymph nodes. For this, cancer cells (cells) were injected into the mice and they were given exercise. It was found that exercise reduced the spread of cancer and tumor swelling.

On the other hand, looking at humans, 20 years of data on 3,000 people were examined in which thousands of people were clinically assessed before and after exercise.

This is the first study to show a link between exercise and metastases, which allows cancer to travel through the blood from one organ to another, including the lungs and liver and lymph nodes, says Tel Aviv University professor Karmat Leviai.

When the experts looked at the mice’s glucose receptors, they found that during intense exercise, they began to absorb more sugar and lose more glucose. In this way, the snatching of glucose between various vital organs and muscles started, which slowed down the process of metastasis.

It has been found that exercise has positive effects on the whole body but also on the cellular level and it slows down the spread of cancer. That’s why they are suggesting aerobic exercises to common people.

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