Exercise Lowers Risk of Death in Breast Cancer Survivors, Research

California: A new study has found that moderate but consistent exercise can reduce the risk of death by 60 percent in breast cancer survivors.

In one study, scientists in California examined 315 postmenopausal women who had survived breast cancer. These women were diagnosed with the disease at least two years ago.

Researchers interviewed study participants between 2013 and 2015 and continued to follow up until the participants died or the study ended in April of this year.

The activity questionnaire assessed the duration of exercise of at least 15 minutes per week.

The participants, whose average age was 71 years, were divided into three groups based on the amount of exercise they did: active, moderately active or insufficiently active.

People who exercised for less than 15 minutes continuously over a seven-day period were considered insufficiently active.

Research published in JAMA Networks Open found that active and moderately active people had up to 60 percent lower risk of death.

Researchers are now pushing for exercise to be included in treatment because the findings suggest that even moderate amounts of activity may be important in prolonging survival.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer type in the world. Every year, 270,000 cases are diagnosed in the US, while in the UK, more than 55,000 new cases are reported.

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