Explosion at Russia's Engels air base

Explosions have been heard at Russia’s Engels air base hundreds of miles from Ukraine.

According to foreign media, according to reports published in Ukrainian and Russian online media, explosions have been heard at the Engels Airbase located near Saratov, in the center of Russia, hundreds of miles from Ukraine.

According to the British news agency Reuters, the Russian authorities have not yet confirmed or denied the explosions, but Ukrainian and Russian online media have published news of the explosions.

Ukrainian news agency RBC Ukraine reported that there were two explosions at the Anglesey airbase, while Russian news outlet Baza reported that local citizens heard air raid sirens and a loud explosion from the airbase. has gone

It should be noted that earlier on December 5, there was an attack on the Saratov airbase, which the Russian authorities confirmed as an attack on two airbases by the Ukrainian terror.

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