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Mumbai: Sahar Afshan, a famous actress of the local film industry of India, has said goodbye to showbiz for Islam.

Sahar Afshan is a famous actress of local film industry Bhojpuri and she has shown the essence of acting in several films.

In a statement from her official Instagram account, the actress said that she is leaving showbiz and will not be associated with the industry.

He said that I seek Allah’s forgiveness and intend to spend the rest of my life in accordance with Islamic teachings and Allah’s orders.

Sahar said that she came into the industry by chance and continued to grow, but now she has decided to end it all, despite fame and wealth, her heart has always been troubled because she never imagined such a life.

It should be noted that earlier Bollywood actress Sana Khan including many celebrities had said goodbye to showbiz for Islam.

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