Fatima Effendi: Rejected Bollywood film offer due to body exposure

 Fatima Effendi: Rejected Bollywood film offer due to body exposure

Islamabad: Pakistani actress Fatima Effendi has admitted that she was offered a film from Bollywood but she refused to do the film.

In a recent interview given to a British news agency, Fatima said that she had not told anyone that she had been approached by a famous Bollywood director, but still it got out and reached the media.

The actress said that there was a film of Bollywood’s famous director Anees Bazmee for which I was approached, a few years ago I received a phone call saying that I have an interview in India and that there is a film. Would you like to do it?’


Fatima Effendi said that I refused, on which they asked me the reason, I replied that I have some boundaries, I cannot work outside of them, I have no restrictions from my family, but I There are certain boundaries set for and they are for dramas too.

During the interview, the actress said, “There are certain requirements for work in films, there is a need to show the body, there are some scenes that I cannot do, Alhamdulillah I am happy with my work.”

It should be noted that Fatima Effendi is the daughter of former news anchor of Pakistan Television (PTV) and popular actress Fawzia Mushtaq, besides, Fatima is also the wife of actor Kunwar Arsalan.

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