FIFA World Cup 2022: Morocco defeated Belgium by 0-2

Doha: In the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 Group F match in Qatar, Morocco beat Belgium, the second best team in the world, 0-2.

In the stage match played at the Al-Thammama Stadium in Qatar, Morocco attacked the opposing team, while Belgium adopted a defensive and cautious approach from the beginning, but Morocco played aggressively and scored a goal in the 73rd minute by taking advantage of the penalty. He excelled.

Later, in the last minute of the match, Moroccan player Zakaria Abolkhalal scored another goal to turn Belgium’s defeat into certainty.

Belgium tried to score several times but failed thanks to the opposing players and the Moroccan goalkeeper, Abdelhamid scored the first penalty goal of the match for Morocco while Zakaria Abolkhalal scored the second goal.

Football experts regarding the match played between Belgium and Morocco said that watching the game of Belgium, it did not seem like the second best team in the world was playing.

It should be noted that Belgium is ranked second in the world football ranking and has won 5 world competitions so far.

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