FIFA World Cup: Palestinian Flags Raised, Shame on Israeli Journalist

Doha: In the FIFA World Cup 2022, on the one hand, there is enthusiasm among the 32 teams of the world and their fans, on the other hand, to show solidarity with Palestine, football fans from many countries waved the Palestinian flag and expressed their reaction against the occupying Israel. What did.

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A journalist in Doha, Qatar’s capital, suffered severe embarrassment when he introduced himself as an Israeli while speaking to fans.

The journalist first asked a young man about his background, then asked if he is from Lebanon. When the young man answered in the affirmative, the journalist introduced himself as an Israeli, at which the fans turned back and refused to talk to the journalist any further.

When the journalist spoke again, the young man asked him to correct himself, saying that he is not Israel, but Palestine. The youth present at the occasion repeatedly said that he is not Israel, but Palestine, so call it Palestine.

Meanwhile, the excitement of the World Cup is being seen in Doha, fans are showing their excitement in different ways. Meanwhile, in an Israeli TV live broadcast, football fans not only waved Palestinian flags, but also chanted anti-Israel and pro-Palestine slogans.

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