FIFA World Cup: sale of alcohol in stadium is ban

Doha: The sale of alcoholic beverages in or around stadiums will be banned during the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar.

This was confirmed by the world football organization FIFA before the start of the World Cup. A statement from FIFA said that after the consultation between the authorities of the host country and FIFA, it was decided that alcoholic beverages Alcohol will not be sold in designated sections within the stadiums, although it will be possible to purchase alcohol in the corporate sections of the stadiums.

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Similarly, it will be possible to buy alcohol at the FIFA Fan Festival. This announcement was made after several months of tension between Qatar and FIFA regarding the sale of alcohol at the Football World Cup. It has forced a ban on the sale of alcohol, although the world governing body of football has also partnered with a major company in this regard.

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According to an estimate, 10 lakh people will come to Qatar during the Football World Cup.


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