First hotel in Riyadh to offer electric vehicle charging station

First hotel in Riyadh to offer electric vehicle charging station

RIYADH: Global hospitality brand Fukuo claims to have become the first hotel in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh to offer electric vehicle charging stations.

According to Arab News, Fuko Riyadh, which is owned and managed by Inter Continental Hotels Group, said in a press release that it has installed electric vehicle charging stations as part of its environmental protection and new initiatives. What is the beginning of

The press release states that the installation of this new charging station is in line with the Saudi government’s direction to support and develop the electric car industry. Mark Elaf, Regional General Manager of Inter Continental Hotels Group and General Manager of Fuco Riyadh, said that Vision 2030 According to the goals, Wuko aims to become the leading destination for sustainable tourism in the Kingdom as the Kingdom aims to reach zero carbon neutrality by 2060.

Foucault’s care for the environment, he added, is such as serving guests drinks and coffee in biodegradable glasses and cups, or allowing them to refresh and bathe under energy-efficient aerated shower heads. Saudi Ministry of Capital In early May, Kari announced an investment of more than 12.3 billion riyals to build a Lucid Motors electric vehicle factory in Saudi Arabia with an annual production capacity of 155,000 cars. With this, Vuko said it reaffirms its commitment to becoming an eco-friendly hotel that implements environmental sustainability practices, rationalizing energy-saving, heating, cooling, lighting and water usage systems.

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