Forget the cotton bud: The device for cleaning ears is ready

Washington: Clean Ear Health, developed by a Seattle-based medical institute, looks like a modern luxury headphone, but this strange device actually has the ability to clean the ears completely it.

After the development of this device, now people who used to clean their ears by using items like cotton buds, will no longer need it, but they will be able to do this in an easy and safe way with clean ear health.

The company says it is FDA-cleared as an ear cleaning device.

It should be noted that this device will clean the wax to the inner depth of the ear in just 35 seconds. However, its price is very high which is 2753 US dollars.

Sahil Dewan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Saaf Kan Health, says, “What impressed us was the unconventional design of the device by the experts.

It should be noted that the company received $8 million in funding to develop the device.

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