France: A proposal to advance funeral expenses for clumsy climbers 

France: A proposal to advance funeral expenses for clumsy climbers 

Paris: The mayor of France’s famous Mont Blanc region has proposed that rescue or funeral money be taken in advance from mountaineers coming here in case they get stuck or die.

Jean-Marc Paille, mayor of St Gervase, Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, said he was alarmed by the number of adventurers, including many clumsy ones, risking their lives on the difficult mountain. That is why the money spent on their funeral or rescue should be taken from them in advance.

He said that the number of mountaineers coming here is tied and the risks of getting lost, getting trapped and dying have increased in the recent hot weather.

He has told the city administration that saving a climber costs 10,000 euros and if he dies, 500 euros have to be spent on burial. It would be unfair to pay for their hobby with public taxes. He has even said that those who are going to the mountain now have their death in the bag on their back.

Mentioning a route on Mont Planck mountain, he said that it is called ‘Corridor of Death’ which is the most difficult route while the other route is the Royal Way (Railway) which is also very popular.

However, part of Mont Blanc is also in Italy and the administration there does not agree with the French mayor. Italy maintains that these mountains are not the property of anyone. He has termed the proposal of advance payment as strange.


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