Gas station explosion in Ireland kills 10

Gas station explosion in Ireland kills 10


Dublin: At least 10 people were killed and eight were injured as a result of a powerful explosion at a gas station in Ireland.

According to the foreign news agency, the police say that the explosion occurred at a gas station in Donegal, after which a rescue operation was launched.

According to the local time at three o’clock in the afternoon there was an explosion at a gas station called Apple Green, the cause of which is being determined.

The injured were immediately shifted to the hospital where they are being provided with medical assistance. In the pictures from the accident site, the destruction caused by the explosion can be seen. A residential house built above the gas station was completely destroyed and its debris fell on cars parked in the parking lot of the station.

The Prime Minister of Ireland expressed regret over the accident and said that the people of the island are in shock over the tragic accident, and the families of those affected by the accident express their condolences.

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