Germany should assume a leading military role, German Defense Minister

Berlin: German Defense Minister Christine Lambrech has said that whether Germany likes it or not, it should still play a leadership role and not a military role. And Germany need not fear doing so.

According to the report of the German news agency, Defense Minister Christine Lambrech said that he believes that Germany is obliged to play an important role on the world stage, including in the military field, and the country should not be afraid to accept this responsibility.

“Germany’s size, its geographical situation, its economic condition, in short its clout, makes us a major power, and militarily, even if we are not,” he said in a keynote speech at a security conference in Berlin.

Whether it wants to be or not.” His statement comes at a time when Europe is struggling to deal with the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And Germany is rethinking its defense strategy after decades of heavy reliance on Washington for its security.

The German defense minister said, “The war in Ukraine has shown everyone, even us Germans, who are accustomed to peace, that whenever an enemy attacks, destroys, kills, uses forced displacement. states require armed forces as a last resort for their interests.”

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