Great Britain: Exposition after preparation for issue of new monarch’s portrait coinage

Great Britain: Exposition after preparation for issue of new monarch's portrait coinage

London: The Royal Mint of Great Britain has exhibited the statue of the new King Charles III after its production. This statue of King Charles III was created by expert sculptor Martin Jennings.

The statue of the new king was created after his accession to the throne, with the approval of King Charles III.

Sculptor Martin Jennings said he believed with great enthusiasm that his work would be seen by people for centuries. It’s a big job.

A miss statue of King Charles III will be featured on the five pound coin in the coming days.

While a commemorative 50 pence coin will be issued in reference to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The coins featuring the portraits of both King Charles III and his mother will also differ in that the portrait of King Charles III appears on the coin.

The face will be on the left, while the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II will be seen on the right.

The tradition of British royal coinage is that the image of the succeeding king or queen faces the opposite side of the image of the other on the coin.

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