Greece: The mother of the alleged murderer of the young girls appears in court

Athens: A 34-year-old woman who allegedly killed her teenage daughters in Greece was brought before a court in Athens.

According to foreign media, a woman named Rola Pesperigo has been accused of killing her 3 daughters within 3 years, while the accused has claimed her innocence.

According to reports, the woman is alleged to have killed her 9-year-old daughter Georgina in January 2022 by poisoning her with ketamine.

According to foreign media, after the arrest of the accused, an investigation was also started into the death of her 2 other daughters, 3-year-old Malina and 6-month-old Iris, who had died under suspicious circumstances.

The results of the medical examination of the dead girls have revealed that both the girls died of suffocation.

According to reports, there is also strong anger among citizens against the accused in Greece, due to which the woman was brought to the court under tight security.

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