Hailstorm in Spain: a girl died after falling snowball-sized pieces

Catalonia: A girl was killed and many others were injured due to a stormy hailstorm in the city of Catalonia, Spain.

According to the report, a stormy hailstorm was recorded in Girona, Catalonia, Spain, the video of which is also going viral on social media.

In this stormy hail, pieces of snow the size of tennis balls were seen falling from the sky, as a result of which a 20-month-old girl was killed and dozens of people were injured.

It can be seen in the video that the heavy hailstorm has caused severe damage to roofs, windows and vehicles.

Citizens say that the size of the falling hail is up to 4 inches wide, the photos of which have also been shared on social media.

On the other hand, most of the regions of Spain are in the grip of drought and heat wave, while a severe heat wave has been predicted in America.

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