"He is not responsible for Tanisha's death," Arfi said in support of Shizan khan

Mumbai: Indian television actress Arfi Javed says that actor Shizan Khan, who was arrested in the case of actress Tanisha’s suicide, cannot be held responsible for Tanisha’s death.

According to Indian media, Arfi Javed shared a story on his social media account Instagram in which he wrote that ‘Yes Shizan may be wrong, he may have cheated on Tanisha but we can’t blame Shizan for her death. Because you can’t keep someone together unless they want to stay together.

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Arfi stressed on the girls and wrote that ‘no one is worthy of you giving your precious life, sometimes it seems like the world has ended but believe me its not so.’

He added, ‘Think of the people who love you or just try to love yourself, be your own hero, please give it some time, even after suicide, the pain doesn’t end. If left, they suffer even more.’

It should be noted that actress Tanisha Sharma committed suicide on the set of ‘Alibaba Dastan Kabul’ on 24th December.

Later, the actress’ mother suspected Tanisha’s co-star Sheezan Khan, after which Sheezan Khan was arrested.

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