Hindu extremists: Another Muslim was killed in india

Hindu extremists: Another Muslim was killed in india

New Delhi: Another innocent Muslim was brutally tortured and killed by Hindu extremists in India.

After the partition of India, there have been occasional riots for the genocide of Muslims, but after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, the life of Muslims became more and more difficult. After the formation of the BJP government in 2014, Muslims across the country A regular campaign against In some places Muslims are being killed in the name of cow smuggling, in some places the campaign to convert them into Hindus is going on as part of the campaign to return home.

Not a day goes by when a Muslim in India is not tortured by Hindu extremists. One such incident happened in Gaon Mander in Ranchi district of Jharkhand state, where Hindu extremists beat up Muslim youth Shehbaz Ansari. Killed.

A video has been shared on social media related to the death of Shahbaz Ansari. The video released by a Twitter user named Ashraf Hussain showed that many people are torturing a few people, the victims of violence with their beards and posture, Muslims are visible.

Shahbaz Ansari’s father blamed his son’s death on his two friends Om Prakash Mehto and Sushant Naik. After the complaint of the victim’s father, the police arrested both of them and are interrogating them to find out the reasons behind the murder.

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