Hindu radicals referred to Arshdeep Singh as a “Khalistani” following India’s defeat.

Hindu radicals referred to Arshdeep Singh as a "Khalistani" following India's defeat.

New Delhi: Indian extremists called the bowler Arshdeep Singh, who dropped the catch of Muhammad Asif in the match against Pakistan, a supporter of Khalistan.

After India’s 5-wicket defeat by Pakistan in the Asia Cup tournament played in Dubai, Hindu extremists went wild as usual and called Arshdeep Singh, who dropped the catch, a supporter and agent of Khalistan.

At the crucial moment of the match, Muhammad Asif’s catch was dropped from Arshdeep Singh, after which Arshdeep Singh was subjected to the worst criticism on Indian social media. Hindu extremist users accused Arshdeep of deliberately dropping the catch and called him a Khalistani.

Cricketer Muhammad Hafeez, former captain of Pakistan cricket team, tweeted in support of Arshdeep Singh and said that mistakes are made in the game. Indian fans are requested not to insult anyone.

Former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh took the critics with open arms and said that stop criticizing young Arshdeep. No one misses catches intentionally. Pakistan played better.

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