Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner suffers an accident in a snow storm

New York: Hollywood’s Marvel series Avengers and hockey star Jeremy Renner was involved in an accident in a snow storm.

According to foreign media reports, actor Jeremy Renner is staying in New York, where a severe winter snow storm hit the region on New Year’s Eve, disrupting life.

The 2-time Oscar-nominated actor met with an accident while clearing snow and injured himself, after which he was immediately rushed to a critical hospital in an air ambulance.

Speaking to local media, the actor’s spokesperson said, “We can confirm that Jeremy is in a critical but stable condition and that he was seriously injured in a snow removal accident.”

A spokesperson for the 51-year-old hockey actor said Jeremy is with his family and is receiving the best care possible.

It should be remembered that many areas in New York and other American states are under the influence of dangerous snow storms. In the past few days, 35,000 homes in Northern Nevada, where Jeremy Renner lives, are facing power outages, while several feet of snow has frozen on the houses and roads, which The life system is paralyzed.

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