Hollywood actor Lloyd Owen's confession of being influenced by Urdu language

California: Bollywood actor Lloyd Owen admitted that he was inspired by Urdu language to render Tolkien’s language correctly.

Actor Lloyd Owen plays the role of ‘Iseldur’ in ‘Rings of Power’, the prequel to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series.

During the conversation with the media organization, he admitted that he also got help from Urdu language to give the correct tone of Tolkien’s language in ‘Rings of Power’.

He said that a few years ago he had done a film in Bollywood in which many scenes were done in Urdu language.

The actor added that it was a very gratifying experience to film in Urdu and in ‘Rings of Power’ he has benefited greatly from this Urdu experience and has played Tolkien’s language better.

It should be noted that Tolkien’s language in ‘Lord of the Rings’ is often the subject of discussion due to its uniqueness.

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