Hong Kong cricketer Kunchit Shah proposed marriage to the woman at the stadium

Dubai: Hong Kong cricketer Kunchit Shah proposed marriage to his favorite girl at the stadium after the match against India.

Hong Kong cricketer Kunchit Shah made it the most memorable event of his life by proposing to his favorite woman in the Asia Cup.

Immediately after the match against India at the Dubai Cricket Stadium, he proposed to his friend and Jawas accepted.

The said video is going viral on social media. In the video, it can be seen that after getting out in the eighteenth over, Kunchit Shah comes to his friend in the ground and addresses him and asks him to accept the ring by sitting on his knees.

Their friends are at first surprised by the suddenness and then accept the marriage proposal. After releasing the video, the Asian Cricket Council has wished both the best.

It should be remembered that Konchat Shah scored 30 off 28 balls in the match against India while India won the match.

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