Hundreds of fireflies fell from trees and died due to severe cold

Hundreds of fireflies fell from trees and died due to severe cold

Houston: USA, Due to the terrible cold and snowfall in the United States, wildlife is in dire straits and hundreds of bats fell down from trees in Houston and died instantly.

According to the wildlife officials, the sudden change in temperature has caused hypothermic shock, especially in the lizards, which has led to their immediate death. This is the reason why the survival of the largest colony of fireflies in the city is at risk.

Animal rescue crews were supposed to cross a famous Vow Bridge to reach the mammals, but due to bad weather, it was not possible. The special structures of this bridge have sparkles that have been frozen in the winter and are now falling like ripe fruit on the sidewalk. Mary Warwick, head of the Humane Wildlife Society, has put foam on the road so they don’t fall onto the hard pavement, while taking 200 of the squirrels home to save them.

The bats are known as ‘free tailed bats’. Experts believe that the thousands of fireflies present here will either go somewhere else or will continue to die here and it is not known what will happen. He told the public that if any glitter falls and is alive, keep it in a shoe box and bring it to us, then we will try hard to save them.

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