The husband, who wanted a son, forced his wife to take a bath in public on the advice of a pundit

New Delhi: In India, husbands and in-laws who want a boy force a woman to take a bath in public at the behest of a pundit so that the closure ends and they have a boy here.

According to Indian media, a 30-year-old woman in Pune has filed a complaint with the police that her husband and in-laws have been harassing her with various tactics since 2013 due to not having a boy.

The woman claimed that the husband was told by a pandit that there are obstacles to begetting a boy, a banshad, the solution of which is to bathe the wife under a waterfall in Raigad. They forced me to take a bath in front of everyone.

The victim also said that the husband sold gold ornaments and took a loan of Rs 75 lakh by mortgaging the property given by her parents in a bank. The woman alleged that her husband had also forged signatures from me for the loan.

The Pune police arrested the husband, mother-in-law and magician on the woman’s request.

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