Hydrotherapy: A new treatment for stress and depression

New York: Psychiatrists insist that inexpensive and effective hydrotherapy can play an important role in relieving depression and mental stress.

It has already been scientifically proven that spending time near oceans, rivers, lakes or bodies of water helps a lot in staying calm.

Dr. Ricardo Gil da Cousteau, an expert on the brain effects of water, says that surfing and swimming on the water relaxes the mind. Thus, it gives emotional relief to the troubled people. Water reduces the intensity of noise. In this way the fatigue of the tired mind is removed.

On the other hand, doctors insist that the melodious sound of water soothes the hearing and also energizes happy memories. Apart from this, it increases mental strength under positive effects.

Another expert, Dr. Nicholas, says that swimming pools, fountains and streams in cities also soothe the heart. Also, bathtubs in the bathroom can also relieve stress. It shows that proximity to water brings us happiness and health.

Even watching water in a video or hearing its sound on an HD video of a waterfall can be soothing. One experiment even showed positive effects to people in virtual reality when they were shown an aquatic environment.

In 2019, a study came out that said that spending two hours a week in natural places and being with nature has a lot of positive effects. Now another thing has come to light that spending time near water also has the same benefits.

Similarly, Matthew White, an environmental psychologist affiliated with the University of Vienna, says that looking at a small indoor fish house for 15 minutes can moderate heart rate and improve mood. This is why aquariums are common in hospitals.

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