In China: 60,000 people died from Corona in one month

In China, 60,000 people died from Corona in one month: official data

According to the official data of China, about 60,000 people died from Corona in the country during a month.

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The head of China’s Bureau of Medical Association, Jiao Huai, said in a press conference that the number of people admitted to the hospital due to Corona has decreased in China.

He said that the majority of seriously ill people suffering from corona in China are elderly people, 59 thousand 938 deaths occurred due to corona in the country between December 8, 2022 and January 12, 2023.

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Chinese authorities say that they will strengthen monitoring and management for those at risk of Corona, and increase the number of medicines, medical equipment and staff in rural areas.

According to the Chinese authorities, China’s standard for estimating corona deaths is in line with the standard of other major countries.

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