In China: Corona began to raise its head again, First death from the deadly virus in 6 months

Beijing: One person died of Corona in China, this is the first death from Corona in 6 months.

According to the world news agency, the first death due to corona has occurred in China after a gap of 6 months. The 87-year-old resident of Beijing had tested positive for Corona a few days ago. However, it was not stated whether the deceased had undergone vaccination or not.

The National Health Commission of China says that since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, the total number of deaths has reached 5 thousand 227, while the number of new Corona patients has exceeded 24 thousand in one day, but most of them are people who are There were no symptoms.

In China, the overall vaccination rate of at least one dose of Corona vaccine is more than 92%, but the number of senior citizens, especially those over 80 years old, is very low.

It should be noted that China is the country where the first case of Corona was reported, but it was China that first claimed to control this epidemic, however, under the zero tolerance policy, strict Corona restrictions are still in place in China.

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