In France: Tax inspector killed on duty

Paris: In France a tax inspector who came to inspect the house of a seller of second-hand items was killed.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, this incident took place in the northern village of Belcourt in France, where not only the inspector but also the dealer’s body was found in the house, in which it is not yet clear what the matter was.

According to the police, the tax inspector went to the house of a businessman who was buying and selling old items for audit, accompanied by a woman officer, but when the police reached the scene, they found the woman tied to a chair while the tax inspector was found in dead condition.

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The police also said that the dealer was also found dead in the house, his body was found outside the house, it seems that the dealer committed suicide by shooting himself.

According to the police, the killing of the inspector seems to have been done as part of a regular plan, as the instrument used in the murder was also found at the scene, and several injury marks were also found on the back of the inspector.

Regarding the dealer, the police say that he was not involved in any criminal activities before, but he had molested minors against whom the police took action.

Regarding the incident, the mayor of Belcourt said that the accused is 46 years old, who used to collect various items from people’s houses and sell them at cheap prices.

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