In India: A boy burned a girl out of friendship

New Delhi: In the Indian state of Jharkhand, a teenager set fire to a 12th grade student for refusing to talk on the phone.

According to foreign media, the brutal incident of setting fire to a young girl took place on August 23 in the city of Dumka in the Indian state of Jharkhand, where a young man expressed his love for a 12th grade student named Ankita, but the girl refused.

On the refusal of the girl, the accused named Shah Rukh got angry and set the girl on fire, who died in the hospital during treatment.
Doctors say that when the girl was shifted to the hospital, 90% of her body was burnt.

According to reports, the accused Shahrukh sprinkled petrol on the girl and set her on fire when she was sleeping in the house, but the police arrested the accused while taking action.

After the tragic death of the girl, protests broke out across the city, to control which the police imposed Section 144 in the city and appealed to the citizens to remain calm.

Ante-mortem Statement of the Deceased:

Ankita, the victim, in her pre-death statement, described the incident as saying that 10 days ago, she called me and started harassing me to force me to be friends.

In her statement to the police, the deceased said that Shahrukh called again on Monday and threatened to kill me if I did not talk to him.

After the threat, I told my father about Shahrukh’s threat, then he said that he will talk to the boy’s family, after which I went to my room to sleep.

The next morning I felt burning and pain in my back and smelled something burning, when I opened my eyes I saw Shah Rukh running away, screaming, running towards my father’s room, my parents saw me burning. After extinguishing the fire, I was shifted to the hospital.

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