In India: A husband killed his wife for using social media too much

New Delhi: In India, a husband killed his wife for using social media too much.

According to Indian media reports, a husband strangled his wife with the help of his shawl in Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu on Sunday.

According to reports, the 38-year-old husband was quite upset with his wife making and uploading reels on social media platforms all the time. There was always a fight between the husband and the wife because of posting rails on social media.

According to Indian media, after getting more followers on social media, the woman had left home and went to Chennai to enter the field of acting. She was going to be picked again when her husband stopped her and once again there was a quarrel between the two.

According to reports, the husband was fed up with his wife’s decision to post reels on social media and then act, so he got angry and strangled her to death with the help of a shawl and then fled the scene. When the daughter came to know about the incident with the mother, she informed the police, after which the accused was arrested.

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