India: 20 peoples migrants stuck in the sea died of hunger and thirst

New Delhi: Due to the brazenness of the Indian government, the boat of Rohingya refugees was stuck in the open sea for 25 days, where more than 20 refugees, including children, died on board the boat due to lack of food and water.

According to the news agency Reuters, a boat of Rohingya refugees has been stuck for the last 25 days near the Andaman Islands of India, with more than 100 people on board.

India is not allowing the boat to come to the shore due to which the refugees are facing severe hardships while around 20 of them have died due to hunger, thirst and drowning. 5 Indian ships reached this boat of refugees, but they did not help the people in trouble and did not allow them to come ashore.

A volunteer working for the rights of Myanmar and Rohingya refugees said that twenty refugees have died so far due to India’s brutal and provocative behavior. Priyali Sur, a refugee rights activist in New Delhi, told Al Jazeera that the situation on the boat was getting worse.

He said that among the dead are 2 children, while there are 2 youths who ended their lives by jumping into the sea due to hopelessness as they have been stuck in the sea for more than 25 days.

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