India: 36 people died in the incidents of torrential rains and lightning

India: 36 people died in the incidents of torrential rains and lightning

New Delhi: 36 people have been killed during 24 hours due to heavy rains in the northern states of India, most of the deaths were caused by the collapse of the roofs of the houses, while 12 people were victims of lightning.

According to the government authorities, the number of deaths due to lightning strikes in the last 5 days in North India has reached 39. Guidelines for prevention of such accidents will be issued at the government level soon so that lightning strikes during storms and rains can be avoided from the damages caused by.

According to reports, several incidents of lightning strike occur in India during the monsoon season which lasts from June to September.

Environmental experts say that deforestation, rising water levels and rapidly increasing environmental pollution are the main causes of lightning strikes, with millions of volts of lightning causing massive losses.

According to experts, a one-degree rise in temperature increases the chance of lightning strikes by 12 percent, which accounts for most of the fatalities during rainstorms.

According to research reports, in the past, 12 elephants found dead in the forests of Assam were also killed by lightning, while the rapid increase in such incidents in urban areas is also due to population growth. The increase with and is the termination of the green.

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