India: A 3-month-old girl was killed by applying hot saria to treat pneumonia

New Delhi: In India, a 3-month-old girl was killed by applying hot seria multiple times to treat pneumonia.

According to the Indian media, this incident took place in the tribal area of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, where a 3-month-old girl was suffering from pneumonia.

According to media reports, when the tips did not work, the pain increased and the girl was facing difficulty in breathing, after which she was shifted to the hospital where she was under treatment for 15 days and then died.

According to media reports, the administration has said that the girl has been cremated and can be exhumed for post-mortem.

According to media reports, people of some tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh believe in applying hot iron on the stomach to treat pneumonia. Infection can also lead to death.

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