India: A Muslim student was kicked out of an exam for not removing the hijab

Patna: In the Indian state of Bihar, a Muslim student was prevented from taking the exam for refusing to remove her hijab.

According to Kashmir Media Service, a large number of students had arrived for the exam at Mahant Darshan Das Mahila College in Bihar state, but as soon as the exam started, one student was asked to remove her scarf. When the student refused to take off the scarf, the teacher threw her out of the exam hall and did not listen to the student, instead the student was harassed and insulted.

The student said that I was told that if you don’t take off the hijab, it is better to leave India and go to Pakistan and stay there. This is not the first time that Muslim female students in India have faced pressure to remove the hijab.

Hijab was banned in educational institutions in the Indian state of Karnataka, which was upheld by the High Court, and now hijab is being banned in educational institutions in other states as well.

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