India: Another incident of viral videos of female students in the hostel

India: Another incident of viral videos of female students in the hostel

Tamil Nadu: After Chandigarh University in India, it has been revealed that a college has also made videos of female students while taking a bath and made them viral.

According to Indian media, a female student who made indecent videos of female students living in the hostel of a private college in Tamil Nadu and sent them to her boyfriend was arrested.

Police said Kaleswari, a B.Ed student at a private college, made videos of her fellow students while they were taking a shower in the hostel and sent them to her friend Ashok on WhatsApp.

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According to police, Ashok is married and has three children. He also runs a clinic in the neighborhood. Where Kaleswari was employed and the two developed a relationship.

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The police further said that earlier Ashok used to order only videos of Kaleswari, but later he kept pressing to make videos of other students as well, but the students got suspicious and took Kaleswari’s mobile.

The female students staying in the hostel found several indecent videos on Kaleswari’s mobile, on which a complaint was filed in the police station. The police arrested Kaleswari and his friend.


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