India: Another Russian business tycoon dies mysteriously

India: Another Russian business tycoon dies mysteriously

A Russian lawmaker and sausage industry tycoon have died after falling from a hotel roof in India.

According to the Indian media, the police say that lawyer and business tycoon Pavel Antov fell to his death from the third floor of the hotel and was found dead outside the hotel while his Russian friends who came with him two days ago were also mysteriously in the hotel. But they were found dead from whose possession bottles of liquor were also found.

According to media reports, the police have started an investigation to find out the causes of death of the Russian citizens after this incident.
According to the police, after the death of his friend, Powell was suffering from mental stress, which led to his death, while the Indian media is calling the death of Powell as suicide.

According to media reports, the Russian Embassy in Delhi has confirmed the death of the two nationals, while the Russian Consul General in Kolkata has said that they are in touch with the authorities and as per the information available to the police, no criminal aspect is seen. Is.

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