India: Celebrating Milad-ul-Nabi has been made a crime, 18 people have been arrested

Bengaluru: In the Milad-ul-Nabi procession in India, teenage boys used harmless metal swords and sticks, which the Modi government called a major crime and arrested 18 people.

According to Indian media, Bengaluru police have detained 18 Muslims, including 13 teenage boys, on the charge of wielding swords and sticks in the procession of the celebration of Milad-ul-Nabi. However, they believe that none of the arrested have a criminal record, but despite this, the biased police are not ready to release all the persons even on personal bail.

The local Muslim leadership strongly condemned the behavior of the police and demanded the release of all the arrested. After confessing to arrest Shadgan for displaying weapons, the provisions of unlawful and unjustified assembly, disturbing public order and IPC were also imposed.

The organizers of Meladalnbi say that this is not the first time that swords or sticks have been thrown, it has always been happening, but suddenly this time the police are seeing this display of weapons. If the police fulfill their desire to present the arrested people in the court, the victory will be ours. It should be noted that the police took this action on the objection of extremist Hindus after the video of the procession went viral on social media, in which the BJP is alleged to have been involved. Local leadership is involved.

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