India: Father who protested after daughter's video went viral, killed

In the Indian state of Gujarat, the father who protested after his daughter’s video went viral was killed.

According to the foreign media reports, the Indian Border Security Officer Malaji Vighela was attacked when he went to the home of the suspect who had gone viral to complain about the video of his daughter.

In the FIR registered with the police, it has been stated that on Saturday night, Vighela, his wife, two sons and a nephew went to the young boy’s house to complain against the accused for uploading the video of his daughter online.

However, there the relatives of the accused started torturing Vighela and his family members with sticks and sharp instruments as a result of which Vighela lost his life due to severe injuries while others were also injured.

Taking action, the police have arrested 7 accused on the charge of murder and started investigation of the incident.

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