India: Jail food quality should be reduced, colleagues hit the warden

New Delhi: In India, a prison warden was tortured by his own colleagues after the quality of food in the canteen was too good.

According to Indian media, CCTV footage installed in a prison in the state of Uttar Pradesh has come to light, in which it can be seen that prison in-charge Mukesh Dubey is being beaten with sticks by his colleagues while people standing nearby are watching.

According to media reports, Warden Mukesh Dubey, detailing the incident, said that the argument between him and his colleagues started when the colleagues objected to the quality of the jail food.

According to the warden, the colleagues said that the good and quality food in the prison canteen led to high costs and low sales, so they pushed to lower the quality of the food to reduce costs and increase profits. Be that as it may.

According to media reports, after the CCTV video went viral, five policemen were suspended and Mukesh was shifted to the hospital for treatment.

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