Indian new movie: Saif Ali Khan as a 'Muslim terrorist'

Mumbai: As soon as the teaser of Bollywood’s little Nawab Saif Ali Khan’s new film ‘Adi Purosh’ was released, the film came under fire.

Indian extremists on social media have announced a boycott of Saif Ali Khan’s new film and criticized the actor severely.

Indian extremists say that the movie has tried to show a Muslim terrorist instead of Roan and has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

After watching the teaser of the film, Indian users on social media have launched a boycott campaign against Saif Ali Khan and his film, terming the actor as a ‘Muslim terrorist’.

Apart from Saif Ali Khan, Prabhas, Keerthy Sanon and Sunny Singh will be seen in the lead roles of this religious film.

Along with Saif Ali Khan, Keerthy Sanon is also facing criticism in the film, as well as the visuals and special effects used in the film, it is being criticized. The deities were also heavily criticized for their modern-day attire and fringes, with Indian fans saying they were disappointed.

According to the Indian media report, 500 crore Indian rupees were spent to make this film, while the film is being released in January of next year.

It should be noted that ‘Adi Purosh’ is a religious epic film in which Hindi and South Indian superstars will be seen together.

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