Indian rupee piles: The dollar hit a 20-year high

Indian rupee piles: The dollar hit a 20-year high

New Delhi: The US dollar hit a high and hit the Indian rupee as well.

According to the Indian media, the domestic currency is constantly falling and today one dollar reached 81.30 Indian rupees, reaching the highest level of 22 years. Similarly, Pounds also hit 114.50 rupees and piled on the Indian Rupee.

This historic decline in the value of the dollar and pound and the devaluation of the Indian rupee forced the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to sell dollars for temporary relief, but this measure is proving insufficient.

On the one hand, the value of the Indian rupee is continuously falling, but on the other hand, the Modi government is engaged in a war frenzy and is busy making huge contracts for the purchase of arms and military equipment from western countries.

Due to the inflation caused by the devaluation of the Indian rupee, the back of the poor citizens has broken. The storm of unemployment is wreaking havoc while Corona is still a danger.

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