Indian teacher kills Dalit student over minor mistake in spelling

Indian teacher kills Dalit student over minor mistake in spelling

New Delhi: A young Dalit student was brutally beaten to death by a teacher for a minor spelling error.

According to foreign media, the sad incident of the death of a Dalit student at the hands of a teacher took place in the north of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where the teacher killed the student for a minor spelling mistake.

According to the statement given to the police by the victim’s father, a student named Nikhal Dohre had written the spelling of the word ‘social’ wrong during the exam, on which the teacher tortured him with an iron rod and kicked him, and later fled the area done.

The 15-year-old student was taken to the hospital in a half-dead state, but he could not be revived and died yesterday.

The police say that the accused is currently absconding, but the law will soon catch up.

Violent protests have started in Oraya district over the death of a Dalit student, and the protestors are demanding the teacher’s arrest.

Protesters also set fire to a police van during the protest, after which the police have arrested dozens of protesters.

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